Crazed by crabgrass? Perturbed by pigweed? Disturbed by dandelions? We get it. There is just something wrong and annoying about spotting a nasty little weed growing in the middle of a gorgeous green lawn. And we simply won’t stand for it. Overgrown tree limbs and shrub branches? Don’t even get us started, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Using no mercy, we destroy any hint of an infiltration of weeds or invasive plants. Then, we turn our attention to your trees and plants, we’ll trim any obnoxious overgrowth or unsightly limbs. We’re like the Vikings of the residential landscaping world!

Regardless, backed by years of experience, we utilize plant-healthy, safety-conscious measures to ensure proper growth of shrubs, trees, flowers and lawns. Whether you need extensive weed removal and control to restore the health and beauty of your lawn, or your trees could use a little makeover, our techs have the skills, know-how and goodies needed to ensure stunning results that last.

Adding weed control and trimming to your weekly or monthly landscaping service just ensures your yard remains the envy of the neighborhood. And who doesn’t want that? To find out more about our processes and all the other stuff you can’t go another day without knowing, contact the Grass Gobblers team now. We promise friendly service.