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Flower Bed Enhancement Services

It’s All About The Color

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We LOVE Color

As Grass Gobblers, there’s nothing we love more than color. We love coloring outside of the lines and in places where the lines don’t really exist. While this doesn’t really pertain to the coloring-book office trend for us, we enjoy nothing more than planning a flower bed (or five) for our esteemed clients, planting it, taking care of it, and letting our clients take all the credit for it. It’s your home. We don’t mind at all, really. 

Planning and planting flower beds is key to our artistic sensibilities, the play of contrasting and complementary colors, the maintenance of a flourishing flower bed (or five) throughout the seasons, this is what draws our souls to this work in the first place. And you’ll always have the best landscaping on the block if we’re tending your flower beds.

Our bed enhancement services include:

  • Consultation, planning, and design
  • Planting new flowers and plants
  • Soil amendments as necessary
  • Trimming, pruning, and keeping your plants looking their best
  • Mulching and preparing for off-season/winter
  • New pine straw and other insulation as needed
  • Fertilization services, as needed

We love color

We love putting more color in your life

We’re happy to tackle these tasks for you

So that you can have the best landscaping around

Native Flora

As your local landscaping company who’s been in business for a while, we encourage the use and propagation of local flora, which is known to thrive naturally in these parts. In doing so, we build a layer of protection against invasive pests and plants. We know quite well what works for your garden: we know what each variant and cultivar needs to stay healthy and well, and we can keep your beds healthy year-round. 

Our expertise in this industry doesn’t come simply from experience; we like to think that we are always learning as well. New information and developments are always coming into the landscaping and gardening worlds —; new ideas are always brimming to the surface based on what we already know and what we are learning all the time. The fundamentals of excellent landscaping have largely remained the same over the years, but improvements and adjustments to grow better can always be made. 

The yard in front of a red barn: green shrubs, pink and purple flower beds, and wooden mulch.

Grass Gobblers offers year-round landscaping services to keep your exteriors in top-notch condition. In addition to mowing, trimming, blowing, planting, cultivating, pruning, and a variety of other lawn and garden services, we also offer snow removal services for residential and commercial customers alike, and we love to help you plan and design your garden anytime during the winter. This also gives us a jump on the services we’ll be offering in spring, as we can place orders or holds on plants, seeds, equipment, and whatever else we need to give you a landscape that will surprise and delight you and your guests.

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Grass Gobblers offers landscaping services you can count on. Our history in the Londonderry, NH region, and beyond, has grown our client base throughout the years, and we’re grateful to have many new and returning clients annually. Our expertise speaks for itself.  

If you’d like us to help get your flower beds blooming, we’d love to oblige. You can contact us by phone, email, or by using the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll be happy to explain how we can deliver best-in-class landscaping services, whether planting a flower bed (or five) is part of your vision for your home. Perhaps, instead, a vegetable garden bed, or an herb garden for culinary use, or just because herbs are beautiful, and smell amazing.

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