As professional mulch layers and fertilizing experts, we are okay with taking on the messy but necessary tasks of lawn and landscape maintenance. And we’re pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves. The steps of mulching and fertilizing keep the rest of our amazing work looking as beautiful, lush, and healthy long-term as when it first went in.

How We Do the Dirty Work of Mulching and Fertilizing

First and foremost, we don’t settle for subpar, even when it comes to the “organic material” naturally found in fertilizer. Our standards are always high.

We’re as committed to the long-term health and lush beauty of your plants, trees, shrubs and lawn as we were at the beginning of the day. We take the extra precautions to ensure your plants enjoy a pest-free, moisture-filled life, using the proper materials in all the right places and all the right doses.

Using a proven, multi-step process, we carefully apply mulch and fertilizer to landscaping beds, gardens, and lawns. Our crews put their years of experience to work to correctly identify the needs of your lawn and shrubs, substituting organic materials with cutting-edge synthetic materials where it’s required.

Adding mulching and fertilizing to your weekly, monthly, or seasonal landscaping service will ultimately protect the health and beauty of any outdoor area. Discover all the benefits for yourself by contacting Grass Gobblers for more information!