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So What Is Hardscaping, Exactly?

Hardscape consists of the non-living elements of your landscape. That can be anything from a patio to a pagoda to a pool, so hardscapes are typically made of multiple elements and using an aesthetic that ensures it looks attractive with the natural components of your landscaping. Hardscaping is particularly helpful to the definition of your landscape design; its non-living elements bring a sense of simple organization to the natural features it complements. A brick patio, a stone wall, a wooden arbor: these are all examples of classical hardscape elements that fit well within their natural surroundings. Any kind of water feature, unless it was already there when you purchased the property, is also generally considered hardscaping.

Benefits of Hardscapes

  • Naturally divide landscape into certain areas or zones
  • Provide a place for animals to rest and relax
  • Create pathways through gardens
  • Retaining walls create planting areas or mini-gardens
  • Stone steps create more natural stairways where necessary
  • Wooden decks, fences, arbors or gazebos
  • Give places within one’s landscaping to pause, rest, and enjoy

Water Features as Hardscape

Water features make a beautiful hardscape addition to your landscape. From stone and ceramic fountains to inexpensive DIY fountains or clay pot fountains, a fountain will almost guarantee the creation of a pleasing aesthetic. What’s more, the human ear prefers the sounds of water as they give off a naturally calming, relaxing tone that our bodies interpret as “put stress away, you don’t need to worry about that now”. Additionally, having plants as part of your water feature introduces the flexibility of the hardscape and the softscape all at once!

Now wait a minute. Are you just trying to trick me into spending a bunch more money with your firm? Hardscapes aren’t necessarily inexpensive, to be sure, but, it must be mentioned, you can progress slowly through your hardscape installation to make sure you feel just as good about everything as we do. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your pergola needn’t be either (unless, of course, you prefer it that way).

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At the end of the day, landscaping is really all about having something beautiful to return home and relax to, to cherish as your day winds down. You’re going to be the best informed about whether or not you want to start weaving in hardscape features, because nobody knows your taste better than you. We only hope that when you do come to see the myriad benefits hardscaping has to offer, you give us a call at Grass Gobblers. Our experience and expertise has put us on the map in Londonderry and the surrounding areas, and we feel supremely confident that we can make your hardscaping dreams come true in no time at all.

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